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Industry Specific Inverter
Goodrive300-39 Construction Hoist Control Machine
  • Goodrive300-39 Construction Hoist Control Machine
Goodrive300-39 Construction Hoist Control Machine

Goodrive300-39 is an integrated inverter developed especially for the load characteristics and control requirements of construction hoist. It is integrated with electrical logic, frequency conversion control, brake power and overload protection function of the construction hoist and added with text display, voice broadcast, landing-call, auto leveling and GPRS/GPS remote monitoring function to satisfy the high-to-medium application demands of energy-saving and low speed construction hoist.

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  • l Multi-function integration

    Integrated with electrical logic control, frequency conversion control, brake unit, overload protection and brake power to realize control protection function of the electric control cabinet of the hoist; featuring smaller size, lower cost, better performance and stronger function;






    l Safe and reliable

    Dedicated brake time sequence control: Proper time sequence control of inverter start/stop and brake device is performed based on the load characteristic of the construction hoist, ensuring efficient and safe operation of the device;


    Safety protection: Leakage protection function is applied for external power output to ensure users safety.

    Torque verification: Used to ensure the motor can generate enough torque to realize zero-speed brake and brake-release control before releasing mechanical brake and starting drive boost, thus preventing slide and reducing brake abrasion;

    User password function: Password protection function to ensure parameters cannot be modified at will, avoiding the device from dangerous operations;

    Fault protection: Provide over 30 kinds of fault protections including phase loss, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, short-circuit, overload and brake feedback to effectively cope with various emergencies;

    Reliable quality: Introduce advanced thermal simulation technology to improve product reliability and service life;



    Independent air duct design to prevent pollutants from entering electrical component area and improve the protection effect of the inverter, enabling it to adapt to various field conditions and improving reliability and service life.

    l Specialization

    Customized protection design: ensure the devices reliability in high temp, high RH and dusty outdoors environment;


    Flexible installation: Flat-structure design, support wall and embedded installation mode, and the latter occupies little space, maximizing the effective utilization space of the cage;

                 Wall installation                                                           

               Embedded installation

    Convenient maintenance: Adopt modular design which separates electrical section from the inverter section; optimize the layout of electrical units and simplify maintenance procedures; adopt push-pull type fan components to ensure the front of the fan can be maintained, lowering product fault rate;



    Strong terminal function:

    a) Configure independent terminal for all the main command control signals and limit protection signals and set corresponding signal indicator to quickly indicate the fault position, thus simplifying the inspection work;

    b) IO terminals adopt redundancy design which can be replaced directly when terminals are damaged, ensuring highly efficient maintenance and low maintenance cost;

    c) Provide AC220V AC power interface which can be sued to supply the powered devices in the cage directly, fulfilling the power supply needs of the fan and lighting devices;

    Reliable brake control:

    a) Emergency-stop of hardware

    Logic control circuit adopts software/hardware interlock design, reliable and fast hardware protection is applied againstemergencies;


    Hardware control

    Software control

    Signal input

    Control execution

    Logic control

    Software fault rate

    Hardware fault rate

    Hardware action delay time

    Software processing time

    Hardware logic control fault rate

    Software logic control fault rate

    Hardware logic control delay time

    Software logic control delay time

    Hardware logic control efficiency and reliability is superior than that of software control


    b) Dual-brake interlock control

    The brake system adopts dual relays + dual contactors interlock mode along with serial auxiliary contacts which can cut off the brake power to stop when contactor adhesion occurred. The system fulfills relevant requirements in GB 26557-2011 Builders hoists for persons and materials with vertically guided cages;

    Light-load acceleration: Elevate running speed when the load is light to greatly improve the working efficiency of the device;


    Dedicated phase loss protection: Adopt software and hardware dual phase-loss protection; fulfill relevant requirements in GB 26557-2011 Builders hoists for persons and materials with vertically guided cages; improvements have been made to effectively reduce emergency stop and power off of the control circuit based on the application features of the industry, ensuring both security and comfortability;

    Low voltage logic control: Adopts full DC low voltage logic control to effectively improve the safety level of the operation system and isolate the strong current from the weak current, enabling better system reliability;

    Countermeasures against low voltage: Special processing has been made according to the grid environment of construction field to ensure the control system power supply can support contactor actions, enabling a safe and stable operation of the device;

    l Abundant extension

    Secondary development platform: Built-in standard application logic for construction hoist; support user-defined logic control to satisfy customized design requirements. Support ladder diagram input and instruction list input, include over 50 basic commands and function commands; support online monitoring simulation function;


    Auto leveling: Leveling encoder PG card interface is included in standard configuration which can realize auto leveling along with multi-function operation console and encoder. Support encoder gear installation and motor installation. For gear installation, the regular 50~200-PPR 24V incremental encoder can satisfy the requirements with ±5 mm leveling precision, reducing system cost while satisfying special application requirements and exhibition purposes of customers;

    GPRS/GPS function: GPS positioning function for hoist manufacturer to acquire the device position easily, making management more convenient; SMS lock and unlock function to lighten the sales and rental management pressure of the manufacturer, making it easy to collect payment; GPRS remote monitoring and data transmission function to let the manufacturer and safety monitoring depart get the running state of the device and diagnose faults remotely, offering more comprehensive fault information and simplifying inspection procedures for the manufacturer.



    GPRS network

    Network center

    Access port





  • Function description



    Input voltage (V)

    AC 3PH 380V(-15%)440V(+10%) rated voltage: 380V

    Input frequency (Hz)

    50Hz/60Hz, permissible range: 47~63Hz


    Output voltage (V)

    0~input voltage

    Output frequency (Hz)


    Technical control performance

    Control mode


    Motor type

    Asynchronous motor

    Speed ratio

    Asynchronous motor 1: 50 (SVC)

    Speed control precision

    ±0.2% (SVC)

    Speed fluctuation

    ± 0.3% (SVC)

    Starting torque

    Asynchronous motor: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC)

    Overload capacity

    1 minute for 120% of rated current


    Two (AI1, AI2) 0~10V/0~20mA, one (AI3)-10~10V


    Two (AO1, AO2) 0~10V /0~20mA


    Eight regular inputs, max frequency 1kHz;

    One high speed input, max frequency 50kHz


    One high speed pulse input, max frequency 50kHz;

    One Y terminal open collector output

    Relay output

    Two programmable relay outputs

    RO1A NO, RO1B NC, RO1C common port

    RO2A NO, RO2B NC, RO2C common port

    RO3A NO, RO3B NC, RO3C common port (specific for overload)C

    Contact capacity: 3A/AC250V, 1A/DC30V


    Installation mode

    Wall installation

    Ambient temp

    -10~50,  derate if the ambient temp is above 40

    Protection level


    Cooling mode

    Air cooling

    Brake unit

    Built-in for 380V 75kW and below, external for 380V 90kW and above

    Brake resistor

    Optional external part

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