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  • Product Inspection
    Service content:
    INVT will arrange senior service personnel to conduct a comprehensive and meticulous detection to all INVT products with professional equipment and output "product medical report".Thus customers can comprehensively understand the products health status, early detect problems, and check erroneous ideas at the outset.
    Applicable object:
    End users who use the INVT products in bulk.
  • Product Warranty
    Service content:
    Service content: In order to ensure the long-term, stable and reliable operation of customer's products, INVT will arrange senior service personnel to conduct detection to INVT products at customers ’home, which include testing, dust removal, oil removal, reinforcement, spraying of three - proofing lacquer, optimizing system software and parameters and other services.
    Applicable object:
    End users who use the INVT products in bulk.
  • Product Extended Warranty
    Service content:
    In order to remove the customers’ worries about products usage and reduce product maintenance cost out-of warranty, INVT provides customers with extended warranty service; in extended warranty period, it guarantees that product failure maintenance caused by non-human factors is free.
    Applicable object:
    all INVT products users.
  • Technical Training
    INVT training program is designed to meet the practical application, training objectives include INVT partners, users and employees. The training course will vary according to the background of trainees. We can provide training in the following areas:
    1.Product working principle introduction2. Product maintenance skills training3. Product application case explanation4. Customized courses for specific customers
    Accurate training will help you to respond quickly and efficiently in any situation, helping you to improve manufacturing facility's operational efficiency.
All of the above are paid services. If there are related needs, please leave yourcontact information:
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