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Interpretation of brand identity

INVT is the abbreviation of "inverter", and inverter is the INVT cornerstone business products;
INVT is also a combination of "innovation" and "virtue", which is the identity of INVT core value "Work together and keep improving";
INVT is innovation, value, and teamwork; based on teamwork, INVT has created and delivered value in the constant innovation.

Brand concept

  • Brand Vision
    To be the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation and electric power.
  • Brand Personality
    Confident, honest,
    farsighted, progressive
  • Brand Proposition
    Pursue excellence in quality maximize value for clients
  • Core Value
    Professional knowledge
    trustworthy brand

Brand master diagram

This picture is a 3D eco-industrial park scroll based on INVT business application scene.

Blue sea and green grass reflect the concept of eco-environmental protection industry, scroll reflects the continued development of INVT business, including historical and future development and extension.

Covering the main application scenes of industrial automation and energy power fields, it takes the engineer wearing a safety helmet with INVT logo asthe interconnected public factor and elements, which expresses thatINVTbrand exists everywhere and provideszero distance products and servicesfor the industry users, corresponding to the business principle of "market-oriented, customer-centric".
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