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Preview of the 126th Canton Fair | Using Green Energy and Sharing Future
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ANNUAL EVENT! The 126th Canton Fair will be held from October 15th to 19th in Guangzhou, China. You're not the last person to know about the Canton Fair, are you?

In China, it is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most comprehensive variety of goods, the largest number of buyers, the widest distribution in different countries and regions and the best transaction effect, which known as Chinese first exhibition. By the 123rd session, the Canton Fair had totaled about US $1.3237 trillion in export transactions and about 8.42 million overseas buyers. At present, each Canton Fair has an exhibition scale of 1.185 million square meters, with nearly 25000 exhibitors at domestic and abroad and about 200000 overseas buyers from more than 210 countries and regions. What a loss if your competitors attend the Canton Fair and you don't!

INVT still appeared with star products, Goodrive Series general VFD in the Canton Fair; in addition, solar products cannot be ignored. Goodrive100-PV series are inverters that INVT newly launches specially for solar pumping applications. Compared with existing solar pumping inverters, Goodrive100-PV series improve the usability and performance and extend applicable voltage levels and power range. When it comes to High Protection Solar Pump, it is BPD show time. BPD series solar water-pump inverter adopts the dynamic VI MPPT technology and motor control technology, and is suitable for AC water pumps with prompt response, high efficiency and stable performance. It reduce the cost of PV panel( Up to 8 pieces) with Built-in Boost Module and support GPRS module to achieve remote control by using the APP with protection class IP65 and  noiseless system design. Besides, iMars series string inverters also get a lot of attention.

After the deep ploughing and intensive cultivation in energy and power, INVT has become the leading domestic high-end power supply solutions provider. We provide intelligent power supply solutions for customers in the areas of UPS power supply, data center, soalr power generation, power transmission and distribution and other fields. We hope to meet you at the Canton Fair and share the solutions.

Date: October 15th to 19th
Booth: 10.3F01~02
Address: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

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