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Intelligent Building (Elevators)
EC100 Group Control System for LIPARIS Hotel
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1.Project information

LIPARIS hotel stay in Mersin city in Turkey, which has both hotel and spa, and it will be open in June 2016. This hotel has 13 floors and requires 4 elevators as the transport tools for this high class building, 3 elevators group control and 1 elevator single control. Safety, high reliability, best performance and high efficiency are the most important requirement for the commercial building.

Fig 1,2    LIPARIS Hotel Building Appearance

2.Elevator system

In this project, there are totally 4 elevators which has been installed in the same machine room. All these elevators are for passengers.
For increasing the transport efficiency, Group Control mode must be the best choice for the elevator system of this project.
According to the whole lift system design, 3 elevators use group control technology. The specifications as follow:



Control Mode

3 Elevators Group Control


750 kg, 10 Persons

Elevator Speed

2.0 m/s

Number of Stops


According to the specification of the elevators, we chose the right model as follow, which is based on the EC100 elevator integrated controller.





EC100 integrated controller



15kW, 380VAC, 34A

Communication board



Car top control board

Group control board



Group control board

Commanding board



Car commanding board

Displaying board



LCD Displaying board for COP

Displaying board



LCD Displaying board for LOP

Handheld operator



LCD handheld operator

For the good appearance, LCD display is needed for the LOP system. And arrival gong and arrival light system is useful in the group control project. For the in-car display, we are using the LM21 7inch 64 color TFT displays, which support the customized background photo and sounds.

Fig 3,4,5 LOP and COP
Control cabinet is simple since it base on the EC100 integrated controller which combine the motor drive and the elevator controller. For the traction motor, gearless motor is more efficiently and high performance for the passenger elevators.

Fig 6,7,8 Control cabinet and Traction motor
EC100 integrated elevator controller provides the easy debugging way for the group control system setting. With the EC-PAD handheld operator connecting to the MC-GCL group control board, we can check the group control parameters and finish the debugging in a short time.
3.EC100 Group Control System

Fig 9 EC100 Group Control Diagram

EC100 elevator integrated controller provides 3 group CAN communications, including in-car CAN communication, hall landing CAN communication and group control communication. CAN communication is more reliable than other communication protocol, especially in the high building.
For the group control, EC100 can support at most 8 elevators. In the group control system, MC-GCL group control board must be added for each elevator system, which will be wired in same link with the CAN communication cables.

Group control is wildly use in the commercial building for increasing the transport efficiency. EC100 elevator integrated controller provides the advanced group control technology and makes the debugging to be simple and easy, which cause cutting the cost of the time and the device.

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