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Application of INVT DA200 Servo Driver in LED Spectrophotometer
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1 Project background
Shenzhen is an important LED production base and trade center and has a complete industrial chain and supporting capacity, in the fierce market competition, peers are fighting the price and efficiency. Under this background, SMD-LED automatic splitter, a company's core products in Shenzhen, naturally became the innovation object, the core system of splitter - the servo system-- has become the first part to improve. With long-time accumulated experience and visibility in industrial automation field, the INVT DA200 servo has successfully become finalist and achieved good results in the test. 

With the growing of productivity, the original 40k / h splitter has been unable to meet market demand. Customers need faster speed and higher stability to meet production demands. After understanding customer's technology and demands, on account of the large turntable inertia and high rigidity requirements, INVT technical staffs customized a dedicated motor for the industry through scientific and accurate calculations, and selected DA200 series high-performance servo drive to meet and exceed customers’ expectation. INVT has given a deep impression to the customer owing to its high response speed, rich I / O function, powerful debugging software and other characteristics.

2 Project Proposal
2.1 Servo selection and features description
LED splitter has strict requirements for position accuracy and response time. In the entire machine, there are two key stations: turntable shaft and detection axis. Turntable shaft requires high rigidity, high speed, high response, other servo brands select 750W light inertia motor, and its rigid upgrade space is limited.
INVT technical staffs customized a dedicated motor for the industry through scientific and accurate calculations, and selected DA200 series high-performance servo coordinated with advanced algorithms drive to meet and exceed customers’ expectation. Through the customized large torque servo motor, the rigidity of shaft has been significantly improved, without any vibration when touching it in motionless status (serve on), customers are very satisfied with the effect.
INVT selected DA200 series servo with 23Bit (8388608PPR) absolute encoder to meet equipment high-precision positioning control and the application requirements of stable low-speed operation.
The result of actual debugging is the instruction time 11.875ms, turntable axis servo positioning is completed 13ms, the setting time is less than 2ms, stay pulse quantity is 0, it’s better than customers’ request setting time 5ms, position error 2 pulses. 

Time is money, this sentence is better to reflect the importance of efficiency in LED industry. Make full use of INVT DA200 servo superior response performance; pull up the motor's bandwidth, making the overall device operation reach the best state.
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