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DCDC Converter
GVD510 series DCDC water-cooling
  • GVD510 series DCDC water-cooling
GVD510 series DCDC water-cooling

DC/DC converter is used to replace the traditional AC generator by voltage conversion. The power of high voltage power battery is converted to 12V low voltage, and the power supply demand of low voltage power system is provided. When the 12V low voltage battery is insufficient, charge the 12V low voltage battery to ensure the sufficient battery capacity and meet the needs of automotive electrical equipment.

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  • 1.High power density, small size, light weight;

    2.Semiconductor heat power device uses Thermally Conductive Silicone Foil with high thermal conductivity;

    3.The high and low voltage side pre-charge circuit (INVT patent);

    4.The sleep mode of KL30 leakage current <100uA;

    5.The whole machine meets the requirements of ISO26262 automotive safety ASIL C requirement.

  • Item

    Technical indicator



    Input characteristic

    Input voltage


    Output characteristic

    Output voltage range


    Rated output power


    Rated output current



    Cooling method

    Water cooling

    Protection function

    Input overvoltage protection, input undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, output over-voltage protection, output undervoltage protection, short-circuit protection, CAN communication, fault diagnosis functions

    working temperature


    IP protection level




    Outline size


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