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Industry Specific Inverter
Goodrive300-01 Air Compressor Inverter
  • Goodrive300-01 Air Compressor Inverter
  • Goodrive300-01 Air Compressor Inverter
  • Goodrive300-01 Air Compressor Inverter
Goodrive300-01 Air Compressor Inverter

Goodrive300-01 series inverters special for air compressor are developed on the base of Goodrive300 inverters and it integrates the traditional PLC logic control of air compressor system in the inverter. After the comprehensive solution of the inverter and touch screen, the logic control of air compressor system and temperature control of air supply at constant pressure are available.

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  • Features:
    1.Controls and protections through the touch screen and inverter
    2.Up to 0.25Hz/150% starting torque(Asychronous motor); 2.5Hz/150%
    starting torque (Synchronous motor)
    3.Intelligent hibernation and wake up control, obvious energy saving effect
    and reduced equipment loss
    4.Visualization control to set the inverter and protection parameters through
    the touch screen directly and periodic maintenance.
    5.Multi-level password protection to avoid unauthorized operation

    18.5kW~315kW(Three Phase 400V)

    Compressor ( synchronous and asynchronous )
  • Function description



    Input voltage (V)

    AC 3PH 380V(-15%)440V(+10%)

    Input frequency (Hz)

    50Hz or 60Hz, permissible range: 47~63Hz


    Output voltage (V)

    0~input voltage

    Output frequency (Hz)


    Technical control performance

    Control mode

    SVPWM mode, SVC

    Motor type

    Asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Speed ratio

    Asynchrons motor 1:200(SVC), synchronous motor 1:20(SVC)

    Speed control precision


    Speed fluctuation

    ± 0.3%(SVC)

    Torque response


    Torque control precision


    Starting torque

    Asynchronous motor:0.25Hz/150%(SVC) Synchronous motor:2.5Hz/150%(SVC)

    Specialized function

    No-load sleep and wake-up function, pressure value seup, fan starts/stops temp closed loop, no-load frequency, no-load delay time, min sleep time, upload delay time, pressure value and temp value pre-alarm function, power correction, state check group for air compressor

    Overload capacity

    1m for 150% of rated current,10s for 180% of rated current, 1s for 200% of rated current

    Operation control performance

    Frequency setup mode

    Digital, analog, pulse frequency, multi-step operation, simple PLC, PID, MODBUS communication, realize the switching between setup combination and setup channel.

    Auto voltage regulation function

    Keep the output voltage constant when grid voltage fluctuates

    Fault protection function

    Provide over 30 kinds of fault protection function: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemp, phase loss and overload.

    Speed tracking restart function

    Realize impact-free smooth starting of the rotating motor

    Analog input

    Two (AI1, AI2)0~10V/0~20mA, one (AI3)-10~10V

    Anlog output

    Two(AO1AO2)0~10V /0~20mA

    Temp signal detection

    Three PT100 signal inputs, -20150

    Digital input

    8 normal inputs, max frequency is 1kHz, internal impedance is 3.3kΩ, one high speed input, max frequency is 50kHz

    Relay output

    1A/DC30V Two NO programmable relay outputs, two NO/NC programmable relay outputs, contact capacity: 3A/AC250V


    Installation mode

    Support wall-type, ground-type and flange-type installation

    Ambient temp

    10~50, derate if the ambient temp is above 50

    Protection level


    Cooling mode

    Air cooling

    Brake unit

    Built-in for 380V 30kW and below models, optional if otherwise

    EMC filter

    Built-in C3 filter: meet IEC61800-3 requirement, optional filter fulfilling IEC61800-3 C2 requirement is also available

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