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The exhibition is going on - 2019 INVT Automate Show
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2019 AUTOMATE is a professional technology trade exhibition organized by the American Automation Industry Association. It has become the largest automation exhibition in North America. The broadest event of automation solution continues in Chicago, where MCCORMICK Place provides a chance for automation companies all over the world.


As the leading brand in China's inverter industry, INVT has brought its new products to the show. With the latest technology and innovation, GD350 and GD20-UL series inverters of INVT has been sure to catching eyes in this exhibition, from supporting varieties of motor driven to new V/F control mode, as well as the secondary development and rigorous certification.

Let's take a look at the hot scene:

INVT vfd manufacturers

The exhibition gathered professionals from different countries and industries. Facing new products, they have a lot of concerns want to learn. INVT's professional team has detailed answers one by one:

INVT frequency inverter

The presence of all visitors is very concerned about the problem of product certification. With the industry market's emphasis on product safety, safety degree is higher and higher, especially the U.S. market, most of the purchase of products will be chosen with UL certification logo. Of course, it also attaches great importance for INVT. Through continuous technical improvement and innovation, the new product GD350 series inverter has realized the full power of UL certification.

INVT variable speed drive system

The launch of STO function attracted many visitors from companies with high requirements for product safety. They had a second in-depth conversation with INVT professional team. In order to solve the problem of short-term operation or maintenance and repair of their equipment in the case of the uninterrupted power supply of the drive. They discussed in detail how the inverter installs the STO function and how it operates.

INVT frequency converter drive

INVT leads visitors through displays of automation solution with VFDs, servo system, PLC and HMI allow them to learn our products with a comprehensive perception.
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