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Overseas Dep. Birthday Party: Pick up the Brush, Painting a Bright Future
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What do you think of when it comes to birthday? Cakes, gifts, snacks, friends, and parties? All this would satisfy you at the bimonthly birthday party of INVT overseas department. Besides, a hot painting contest was also under way.

Happy birthday to all of you

After introducing the birthday lady and gentlemen and handing out gifts, it was time to set up a team for the painting contest. All of participants were divided into four teams, with the birthday lady and gentlemen as team leader, and participants can choose which team they want to join. The leaders began to gather everyone to join their own team.

Look how sweet he smiles

During the contest, everyone showed their unique skills, united and worked together to complete the painting. The first team to show off brought a portrait of the earth, which reminded us to protect environment, protect our homes and protect the earth together. At the same time, this painting showed four famous scenic spots in the world, which means that INVT products will spread all over the world in the future.

The second team brought a sunflower. Sunflowers have been around the sun, just as we are always customer-centric. In addition, the sunflower gets new energy from the sun every day, which also means our team is as vigorous as the sunflower.

The third team's work was a cute rabbit with four carrots. Four carrots stood for the four business section of INVT. The bunny held a shovel in his hand, which means that we will not stop to develop new business and new products.

The fourth team was a huge team that gathered all the girls and showed two paintings. One is an eagle, the other is Nezha, which is the protagonist of Nezha: the devil is coming, a very popular film recently. It means that in the face of fate, do not give in, but dare to fight. The two paintings were so vivid that they won unanimous praise.

The fourth team won after the vote and they gave priority to gifts and the rest will be selected by other teams. In the course of this birthday party, everyone had a good time. Finally, the paintings are on display on the 12th floor of the INVT building. If you want to take a closer look at the paintings, welcome to INVT.

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